Thursday, June 14, 2012

15 Photo Legends You Must Know About

Henri Cartier Bresson 
Known as the father of street photography, Henri Cartier - Bresson has long been regarded as someone who helped develop candid photography. He was also one of the earliest users of the 35mm film format. He also popularised the concept of 'the decisive moment'

George Brassai 
Brassai first explorer the medium of photography to pay tribute to his love for the city of Paris, Beautiful photographs of life in the city are part of his 1933 book Paris de nuit. He also photographed artists like Salvador Dalf and Pablo Picasso 

Steve McCurry 
Ask anyone to name an iconic image, and most will resond with McCurry's 'The Afgan Girl'. McCurry is known for his portraits and richly coloured photographs. He is also the last photographer to hace used Kodachrome film. 

Raghubir Singh 
His documentary style of photography is legendary. Raghubir Singh made a name for himself with his unique way of photographing the Indian hinterland with his use of colour and wonderful compositions. 

Yousuf Karsh 
We have all grown up viewing his images in our textbooks! Karsh is known for making the most iconic portraits of famous personals in history - from Albert Einstein to Winston Churchil, Muhammad Ali and Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart. 

Ansel Adams
He is a pioneer in black and white landscape stunning photographic works, Adams was also an educationalist, having imparted his learning though several bestselling books. 

Raghu Rai 
He is widely considered as one of the best photographers from India. Rai was appointed by Henri Cartier-Bresson as his protege at a very young age. He has also produced more than 18 photo books on topics like Indian diaspora. 

Herb Ritts 
He truly helped redefine fashion photography. Strong, graphical frames feature prominently in Herb Ritts' portfolio. He broke the mould of what was  considered traditional fashion photographs and made very iconic frames. 

Diane Arbus 
Her portfolio consists of photographs of 'strange' people like circus performers, transgender people, giants, nudists and dwarfs. Her image helped bring a neglected section of society to the mainstream. 

Robert Capa
War photographer and journalist. Robert Capa extensively photographed conflicts like the World War II. Sadly, Capa lost his life by stepping on a landmine during the First Indo-China war in 1954. He died with his camera in his hand. 

Marc Riboud 
A sharp eye for catching important moments and a keen sense of making perfect frames only just being describing Mac Riboud's work. Riboud is renowned for his street photography and reportage work from Asia, Afria, USA and Japan. 

Man Ray 
Surrealist Man Ray produced major works in mixed media, though he is known for his work with photograms. Ray also worked in close collaboration with painter Salvador Dali, making some stupendous works of art with him. 

David LaChapelle 
David LaChapelle creates the extraordinary from the ordinary. Quickly portraits, bright, shocking colours and a hyper-real aesthetic form part of LaChapelle's work, while sending strong social messages to the viewer. 

Homai Vyarawalla
Homai was India's first woman photojournalist, and made some iconic images of India's independence and the politicians of yesteryear's. Her work speaks volumes about the passion with which she approached the art. 

Helmut Neton
Newton was a prolific fashion photographer, whose sensual, erotically charged and often controversial, photographs were featured in the top fashion magazines. His photographs gave rise to extreme reactions from society.

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